Hunting Information

The entire Near North has long been renowned as a great area for the huntsmen. Deer, black bear, game birds and waterfowl are all taken in season. Many lodges, resorts and campgrounds cater to the needs of fall hunters, with experienced guides available to provide a knowledge of the area only gained from years of experience. Most successful hunts here are conducted by tourist resort operators and many hunters return year after year to enjoy not only the thrill of the chase, but warm, friendly Near North hospitality as well.

White-tailed deer are common here. Each fall hunters return to the area to take advantage of facilities offered by local tourist operators as a base for their usually successful hunt.

Mature Black Bears can weigh in at over 300 lbs. Then can be hunted best here in Spring and Fall. Although fairly common, they are not often seen and so must be hunted with the assistance of an experienced guide. Resorts, lodges, motels and cottage resorts cater to the needs of bear hunters both spring and fall.

In fall several species of Ducks are abundant in the area. For the hunter there is usually little need to build elaborate blinds, for natural cover is abundant and usually the day’s bag is excellent.

Excellent ground cover and food assures outstanding Partridge hunting and many hunters return year after year to bag their limit here.

Small Game
Squirrels, Rabbits and Hare are also to be found here, and may be hunted in season from comfortable accommodations located throughout the region. Check out the Business Directory for further information.

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